Personalized VIP Services



You don’t know yet the secrets Ibiza hides underwater?

Give yourself into the hands of EXPLORE IBIZA and dive like you have always dreamed, acquiring the PADI certification (worldwide most recognised Diving License).

Our unique and personalized Diving Course will allow you to choose the time, space and conditions of how you want your diving lessons to be: on board of our rental boats, at our pool, at your pool, with your boat, etc., without you having to adapt to the strict rules of conventional diving schools.



You will feel like a fish in the water

What do you think about adding one of the latest water toys to your boat trip in Ibiza and Formentera? SPECTACULAR, isn’t it?

SeaBob is one of the client’s favourite toy, every year. As it could not be otherwise, from Explore Ibiza we facilitate that you can enjoy them on board, to make your sailing trip perfect. You will be able to sail and feel like a fish in water, at high or low speed and depth. It feels like holding on to a dolphin.


Fun, entertainment and sport

Who said you can’t have fun doing sport on holidays? Paddle Surf is the best way to keep in shape while discovering beautiful coves, hidden places and the best-kept secrets of the Pityuses.

Perfect to enjoy with your partner, family or friends. You don’t need to be super fit nor have previous knowledge about the discipline. It is an easy sport, fun and suitable for all ages. In addition, you can enjoy relaxing moments lying on the board and letting the waves of crystal-clear waters rock you.


Speed, power and freedom

Would you like to enjoy one of our Jet Skis on board of your rental boat?

It’s the top seller toy to sail Ibiza’s waters, feel free, enjoy the speed and fulfil a perfect boat trip.

If you have a Jet Ski license, you can drive it yourself. If not, don’t worry: Explore Ibiza has qualified instructors and captains at your service that will make you want to stay on the Jet Ski all day.