1. Legalities

All boats rented through Explore Ibiza have up-to-date documentation for the Yacht Charter, as well as the ITB inspections (which verify the optimal navigation conditions of the yachts) and the appropriate navigation certification.

2. Payment

  • Payment in cash, the currency will always be Euro (€).
  • Visa Card, Master Card, AMEX (surcharge of 2,5%)

  • PayPal

  • Bank transfer

3. Drinks

On board you will find courtesy drinks and ice at your disposal.

4. Towels

The availability of towels depends on the type of boat and you will always be informed if this service is provided. If not, you can rent towels as a supplement.

5. Fuel

The fuel is not included in the renting price of any boat.

It will be charged depending on the navigated hours, based on the technical specifications of each boat.

Closed prices can be provided if the boat is manned by one of our captains and doesn’t leave the programmed route.

In case of hiring without professional crew, at the end of the day you will have to refuel at the petrol station of the origin port. Our boats are always delivered with a full tank and must be returned in the same way.

The closing schedule of petrol stations varies depending on the season between 6 pm and 8 pm.

6. Booking of a boat

The booking of one of our boats will be effective upon payment of 50% of the rental price by bank transfer, PayPal, webpage or credit card.
The rest can be paid on the boarding day, in cash or by credit card.

For Super Yachts it is necessary to pay 50% at the booking, 30% one month before, and the remaining 20% one week before boarding.

The APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance), only for big vessels, is always 30% of the rental price. It covers future expenses such as fuel, food and drinks or damage caused by the incorrect use of any device or structure of the boat. It will have to be paid 1 week before boarding.

The captain of the boat will monitor the spending of the APA and in case this sum is exceeded, he will immediately notify the client. On the contrary, if at the end of the rent the expenses didn’t reach this sum, the spare amount will be refunded (by the paying method used in first place).

7. Schedule

The charters are 8 hours and you must return to the port before nightfall.

In case of wanting to extend this timespan or modify the return time, this will modify the price according to the type of vessel.

8. Additional services

It is possible to rent water toys or other services, depending on the taste of each client.

9. Capacity

The capacity will be subject to the technical specifications of each boat, as well as the authorization and licenses, obtained depending on the Ship’s Clearence of each boat.

10. Bad weather

In Explore Ibiza we want you to enjoy the best sailing experience. This is why if, on the booked day the weather is unsuitable for enjoying, we will change the day (if it is possible) or we will refund 100% of the given amount.

11. Season

High season: July – August

Mid-season: June – September

Low season: May – October

12. Privacy Policy



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